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Our Beagles at the Joy House

We love our Joy House fur kids, and so do our guests. So we dedicate this web page on the Joy House B and B site to Luther, Aurora, and Barclay, the three amazing Beagles who make the Joy House joyful, fun, and surprising.



Barclay - our latest addition

Occasionally, our three pack of beagles expands to six with a visit from the beagle cousins from Philadelphia, Gus, Maggie, and Finnegan; and the Michigan cousin Riley shows up on special occasions and suddenly we are an 7 pack. Fortunately this only occurs when the B and B is closed for the winter months.

Finnegan a.k.a.
Gus short for
Lady Margaret
Riley, a Doberman Coon Hound
Gus at the West Philadelphia Library
Lady Margaret a.k.a Maggie
The Bach beagles wish the very best to cousin Riley as he gets better
a little more each day than the last.

Our Beagle kids remind us that there is only one rule at the Joy House … Beagles rule!

…Remember, you can write to the Joy House Beagles by clicking on the email link below